Chloe Buzzotta

Since 2012 I've  studied and worked with experts in social media, branding, event planning and hosting, website design, organizational structure and more. I have been working specifically with people in the field of non profits and eco-conscious living (permaculture and ecovillages). 

During that time, I have spoken at countless engagements from intimate gatherings to crowds of hundreds. I have planned/ [co]hosted a wide variety events  for hundreds of people to small specific visioning and planning sessions.  Below are some of my exemplary events, organizational processes with businesses/ organizations, and accreditation I've accumulated. 

Leonie Brien

​When I was a child, my parents moved with a group of like minded people to start a French community, La Cite Ecologique Ecovillage, in Ham-Nord Quebec during 1984. 

In my early adulthood I helped spearhead the second sister Cite Ecologique community in New Hampshire. Because of my upbringing, I have been trained in many aspects to create an eco-micro society (as well as traveling to gain certifications in Ecovillage design). As an adult in the community, I was  involved in multiple committees including H.R., finance, and outreach.

Another passion of mine, is preparing and cooking fresh and locally sourced food!  I have catered food to my 130 person community and large events for over 12 years.




Co-Director of Austin Permaculture Guild 2016-Present
  • Implemented organizational structure (vision, mission, aims, budgeting, finding and managing interns)

  • Income revenue generation (workshops, events, sponsor donations of $2300+ , launched membership program)

  • Network growth via events and social media

Regional Coordinator of Global Ecovillage Network of North America
  • Organized online meetings and agendas via zoom and google docs

  • Connections with Global Ecovillage Network

Community Affairs Head at Valhalla Movement
  • Guided Valhalla Team to identify vision, mission, and strategy

  • Organized consistent meetings and community building events

  •  We hosted renowned builder Michael Reynolds, Earthship Architect

  • I helped host the Valhalla Earthship Greenhouse building party.

Team Member at NextGENNA
  • Cohosted, organized, and facilitated youth ecovillage events in at Earthhaven, Sirius, and La Cite Ecologique.


  • 2017 Ecovillage Design Certification in the Netherlands

  • 2014-2016 Bachelors degree from Goddard College - studied social design using permaculture and ecovillage ideologies

  • 2014 Worked with, a non profit that grosses in $1 mil a year from facebook promotions

  • 2013 Permaculture Certification and Earthship Internship



  • The Ecovillage Institute 

    • Taught ecological living and sustainable community design “ Ecovillage 101” 

    • I helped build educational programs: Organic Farming, Permaculture, Cooking.

    • Work with UNH (University of New Hampshire) and PSU ( Plymouth State University) French linguistic department to offer French immersion program for students and annual gathering for teachers.

    • Offered talks to promote the ecovillage movement

  • ​Hosting group of profession in the Forestry and agriculture secteur. Giving educational tour and talks on ecovill

  •  Hosting events that connects people to ecovillages in North America “ The Ecovillage Pathway 2018” organized by NextGenna

  • Hosted many workshops via the Austin Permaculture Guild

    • Ecovillage talks

    • Permi-Campout ( also did the catering)

    • EcoFair 2018

    • Cite Ecologique Ecovillage

  • Facilitated monthly members meeting

  • NorthEast Permaculture Guild

  • Hosted the NH Permaculture Day 2018

  • GEN Ambassador 

  • Representing GEN ( Global Ecovillage Network) on local, national and/or international levels.

  • Offer presentations about GEN.

  • Promote GEN at suitable conferences and events you attend.

  • Share GEN promotional materials with interested people


Cite Ecologique Ecovillage
  • Helped build the ecovillage from the ground up (New Hampshire)

  • Member of the Finance Committee 

  • H.R for the Ecovillage members (1998-2018

  • cofounder of H.R. and event branch "Ecovillage Insitute"

Global Ecovillage Network 
  • Global ambassador

  • Hosted regional meetings with critical people of the network at my ecovillage

  • On the board of the U.S. region

North Country Chamber of Commerce ( 2015-2017)
  • Made important connections with our local municipality

  • Representing our ecovillage businesses

  • Helping organizing events with our local government in New Hampshire

NorthEast Permaculture Guild (2015-2019)
  • Hosted the regional Permaculture Guild event with over 100 local vendors, over 10 sponsors, speakers, and many attendees